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We are a proven leader in GPS Fleet Management products and services, operating in over 150 countries worldwide, providing great tracking experience to our clients. Tracksolid is a GPS tracking system with a complete set of services designed for Remote Management, Fleet tracking and Asset tracking. Tracksolid consist of an extendable database, which ultimately can meet various functional requirements and needs. It is based on the latest and most secure cloud technology, which has the ability to provide almost any type of customization that is needed. Fleet management, personal, or any type of tracking, Tracksolid is sure to be the only GPS tracking platform for all your needs. As an off-the-shelf turnkey solution, Tracksolid is a secure, open and scalable platform that plays an essential role in the optimization of resource utilization by enabling visibility and simplifying management. Tracksolid is a multilingual, powerful tracking software providing live tracking, trips playback, professional and insightful reports, multiple alerts, geo-fence, etc. It is a secure, reliable and efficient solution for Fleet Management, Logistic Tracking, Personal Tracking and so on.

Product Ranges

Vehicle Tracker

GPS vehicle trackers can help you locate and track your vehicles including cars, trucks, van, motorcycle, etc. Tracksolid not only offers GPS fleet tracking devices with basic features, such as real-time tracking, SOS alarm, and geofence, ACC detection, but also supplies vehicle tracker with high-end functions, such as temperature monitoring, fuel monitoring. Equipped with tracker for car, you can enhance fleet security, improve stolen vehicle recovery(SVR) rate and maximize each vehicle runtime.

Asset Tracker

Asset tracker is designed for defending your assets, such as equipment, trailer, container, farm machinery and truck. With asset GPS tracker, you can keep eye on your asset and enhance security anytime anywhere. It provides real-time monitoring and can send out instant alarm in urgent cases. With internal battery, you can pick the most suitable powered tracking devices with different capacities for various areas, no matter in the construction site, logistics, or fleet management scenarios, etc. Asset GPS tracking device is wireless, so you are able to realize easy installation.

Personal Tracker

Personal GPS trackers are a great way to stay connected to those you care about. By communicating real-time location data to family members or other caretakers, these devices help to ensure the safety of the wearer, whether that be a schoolchild, an elderly person, or a hiker. Many of these devices also feature the added protection of an SOS button for emergencies, and a microphone that allows for audio monitoring of the wearer’s environment.

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Smarter Fleet at Your Fingertips

The earlier you can catch a potential problem in your fleet, the sooner you can start finding a solution. Manage your fleet in a smarter way with Tracksolid by planning smarter routes, analyzing fuel usage, monitoring driving habits.

Maximizing dispatching efficiency, and predicting vehicle maintenance requirements. Tracksolid gives you the flexibility to start small and expand your capabilities as your business grows. Manage your entire fleet from one screen and see what is happening remotely in the field.

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Eyes on Your Assets

Monitor and track all your resources, from portable assets to parcels and containers to heavy machinery. With instant notifications, you can know where your valuable assets are, when they’re expected to arrive, whether the container is opened or not, etc. This real-time visibility helps you gain predictive analytics and minimize product loss. Having this real-time location information allows you to set optimal routes, thereby saving man-hours and ultimately reducing operating costs.

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Simplify & Optimize Logistics

Tracksolid enables the world’s largest shippers and 3PLs to achieve real-time visibility and gain predictive analytics that produce actionable insights.See details on any tracked load no matter where it is, and set optimal routes, save man-hours as well as reduce operating costs.

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Personal & Workforce Safety

Monitoring the position and situation of your loved ones and staff can be life-saving.With Tracksolid, monitoring the position and safety of your workers allows them to retain their independence while ensuring their security. Dispatch and protect your workers from your smartphone, tablet or PC.